A Day At Camp


Rise and Shine

Your day begins with the Flag Raising ceremony and what we call “Morning Watch” — a few minutes to start the day with personal devotions — followed by a delicious breakfast!

You get to pick three fun, skill-developing activities. Work on your archery or kayaking skills through the week, or build a cool project in woodworking or crafts. Go for a hike or play some organized sports. The choice is yours!  Two of your activities are in the morning, and the third is in the afternoon.

Rest and Relaxation

After lunch, when the summer sun is at its hottest, we take it easy for a while. You’ll have some time to relax with your cabinmates, and for what we call Bible Exploration — looking at life issues from a Biblical point of view and understanding how it applies to you.

You’ll also have free time each day to chill with your friends, play some tetherball or beach volleyball, go for a swim, buy a treat from our Tuck Shop, try out a new activity, and lots more!

I want S’more

At the end of the day, we have evening programs with games, songs, campfires, s’mores, even a sleepout under the stars. Do you have a special talent, something fun or cool (or even gross) that you love to show off? We’ve got a Talent Show where you can impress us all!

Dressing it Up

Each camp has a different theme which sets the tone for the week. Games and contests revolve around the theme. There’s even a costume banquet!

Banquet? Oh yes. A turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Did we mention the food at camp? Home-style meals that you will love! Camp favourites like taco salad, mac and cheese, pasta with meat sauce, BBQ. Breakfasts include pancakes, sausages, egg muffins, wraps, fresh fruit, cereal, and the ever popular ooooaaaatmeal! And wait till you see the desserts!

There’s lots more we haven’t even mentioned yet. Like the Camp Triathlon. Or the “no utensil” meal. The famous Open-Toed Shoe Award. And many other fun surprises. You’ll just have to come to camp to find out!

Leadership Training and Service Team

In addition to our regular camp program (for grades 3 to 10) we offer two specialty programs. In the Leadership Training program you’ll learn what it takes to be a great leader in your school, work, and community, and get a taste of what it’s like to be a staff member at camp. This program lasts two weeks each summer for two summers.

Or, if you like to build things and work with tools, the Service Team gives you a chance to get hands-on and help out in a variety of ways around camp. Service Teams are subject to staff and project availability and may not be offered every week or every year.

Both Leadership Training and Service Team programs will earn you volunteer hours for your high school diploma.