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Get Involved!


Want to get involved with Camp Cherith – Lanark? There are many ways you can help support our camp:


Looking to earn some volunteer hours?  Want to show your support for camp?  Here are some ways you can volunteer your time:

  • You can apply to volunteer as a camp staff member in the summer (provided you meet the qualifications for summer camp staff).
  • You can offer to volunteer to help at one of our fundraising events.
  • You can participate in a work project during one of our work weekends in the spring or fall.
  • You can participate in one of our committees (e.g. fundraising committee, building committee) throughout the year.

Donate to Camp

  • View our Donation page for information on why we ask for donations, and what we are currently fundraising for.
  • View our wish list (coming soon) for a list of specific items that camp needs

Fundraising Events

View our Fundraising section to see what fundraising events are coming up, and how you can participate!