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Pavilion construction is under way!

With less than two months before summer camp starts, we’ve got a busy spring planned!  Construction on the Wilkie Memorial Pavilion started last fall with the ground preparation and gravel, and we built foundations, forms, and posts in early May. We’ve begun our spring construction work week!  Over 28 people […]

Wilkie Memorial Pavilion Initial Construction

Wilkie Memorial Pavilion Initial Construction

The construction of the Wilkie Memorial Pavilion is well under way! Check out this video of some early construction work shot by Charles (Hawkeye) de Grasse while up at the campsite during one of our volunteer build weekends.


Phase II Fundraising Hits $29,000!

We asked — and you provided! Through fundraising events and direct donation campaigns, we’ve already raised over $29,000 and are quickly closing in on our target of $40,000 to complete Phase II of our building plan! The most prominent project will be the construction of the Wilkie Memorial Pavilion which […]


November 13-14th Winter Work Weekend #1

On the November 14-15th weekend several volunteers were busy clearing some land to make room for our new Quonset (storage building) and Pavilion!  As well the the cabins were all prepared for the snowy months ahead.  Most of the cabins are equipped with wooden shutters on hinges now. Only 15 […]


November 9: “Winter” Work Update

Even with temperatures dropping and an early snowfall on the ground, we’ve been hard at work up at the campsite. Unfortunately a limb from one of our willow trees fell down, so one of the things we had to do was cut it up into firewood!


September 24-26: Fall Work Weekend #2

We had another fun and productive weekend! The focus of our fall work weekends has been to put shutters on the windows of our cabins. Right now the cabin windows are made of 2×2 wood frames with screens tacked on around the edges, which makes for a nice, breezy and […]


May 21-24 Work Weekend!

A few of us went up to camp for the May 21-24 long weekend. The weather was beautiful! Too beautiful, in fact — it was unanimously decided that work would pause in mid-afternoon so we could swim and take the kayaks and canoes down on a tour of the Clyde […]


May 14-16 Work Weekend Pictures

As promised, here are some photos from the work weekends! We start with the guys who worked hard clearing trees for our future work shed:  The area in and around the Health Care Center becomes a window factory: One of the completed, painted, grading-improved washhouses: Working at replacing the deck […]


May 14-16 Work Weekend

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to the second work weekend in spring 2010! We had a great time and got a lot of work done! The weather was fantastic (no snow, unlike last weekend!) Pictures are worth thousands of words so we’ll let them speak for themselves. […]


“Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail…”

The work weekends have begun! Spring work parties are a tradition at Camp Cherith, and now that we own a property we certainly have no shortage of work to do. We are so thankful to all the volunteers who share the workload! That being said… brr! Our first volunteer work […]